The fine art of minimalism

Please be informed that we sell Danshari to opticians in Belgium and Luxembourg only.

Danshari collection is produced in Japan, with very high-quality titanium and acetate.
Flexible and light eyewear, with a fine and elegant design.
Timeless objects realised to satisfy the only authentic desire: the need for beauty and essentiality.
The sophisticated acetate temple with the flexible beta-titanium wire core can be considered the soul of Danshari.
It is a masterpiece, achieved by combining superlative craftsmanship, extraordinary design, and rich material.

Thanks to a thirty-year experience and an in-depth technical knowledge, Danshari was able to create fine and elegant frames, of very high quality, which reconciles us with our need for beauty and timelessness.

Danshari firmly believes that fine high-quality frames are worth way more than fashion-oriented frames, as the latter has limited durability, being as evanescent as fashion itself.