The partnership between JACQUEMUS and LINDA FARROW on an exclusive eyewear collection that transcends stlyle and celebrates shared family values.

The collaboration blends the timeless elegance of LINDA FARROW with the bold, playful aesthetic of JACQUEMUS. Both brands share a vision that goes beyond the surface, one that embraces and elevates the strength, resilience and individuality of women. The eyewear collection reflects this ethos, offering bold, statement pieces that empower the wearer.

Simon Porte Jacquemus and JACQUEMUS are indivisible. Launched in 2009, he called the brand JACQUEMUS, after his late mother. In 2015 he won the LVMH Special Prize. Simon draws inspiration from his native Provence and the Mediterranean region. He designs JACQUEMUS as an homage to his mother and to the women of his life. An embodied, sunny, spontaneous brand that plays with the values of diversity, simplicity and authenticity.

Paulo Valente +33 6 0370 2408
Yves Herbé +33 6 6063 6000
Pierre Breteau +33 6 1031 3185
Charlotte Sahuque +33 6 6049 7161

Website: https://uk.lindafarrow.com/collections/jacquemus
Available: France