Founded in 2016 by brazilian entrepreneurial couple gisela and gustavo assis, lapima is an independent, authentic and luxury eyewear brand based in brazil.

Located in campinas, São Paulo, Lapima’s in-house atelier produces 100% handcrafted eyewear designed by the creative team led by Gustavo, and inspired by his unique view of the world, influenced by different brazilian biomes, architecture and visual arts, all Lapima pieces are an invitation to (re)discover life in a more poetic and adventurous way.

Aiming for the highest quality standards, Lapima has trained the artisans from the local community to handcraft the accessories in-house, ensuring that the high detailing of the designs is transferred to the organic cellulose acetate, paired with internationally certified lenses.

The brand embraces a haute-couture philosophy, with one-of-a-kind pieces that carry the essence of time and the expertise of craftsmanship in every detail.

More than just a frame, Lapima is an invitation to one’s individuality, infusing modern lines and vintage elegance in an authentic look from Brazil to the world.

STYLE22 – Magali Somers

Available: BENELUX